Walter Wagner

Managing Director of Research & Development for AGCO/Fendt
With over 30 years of dedicated service at Fendt/AGCO, he brings a wealth of experience and expertise in the field of agricultural machinery development. His journey at Fendt began as a Design Engineer. In 1999 he took over the responsibility for the development of the Fendt tractor series 200/300. In 2006, he was entrusted with the additional responsibility of overseeing the Fendt tractor series 500/700. In 2013, he was appointed as the Engineering Site Lead, a role in which he had comprehensive oversight of the entire Fendt tractor development process. This involved steering complex technical challenges and fostering a culture of innovation within the R&D team. Today, he serves as the Managing Director of Research and Development for Fendt, a role he assumed in 2022. In this position, he lead Fendt’s research and development initiatives, overseeing every facet of tractor development.